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To Dye Scarlet

Boil your hackles, &c., in a little crystal of tartar; procure two

table-spoonfuls of cochineal, bruise them a little, and boil them gently

over the fire for an hour or two; take the hackles you have just boiled

in the tartar, and put them into the dye-pot, and simmer them slowly for

some time, say half an hour; then take your "spirits of grain,"[I] and

put into the dye-pot a tea-spoonful or a little more; take them out

occasionally, and look at them between your eyes and the light, and when

the right shade is obtained, rinse them and dry.

If you are in a hurry for scarlet, you may drop the particles of

block-tin into aqua-fortis till they are dissolved, and add a little to

the scarlet dye; the other is best, as it gives a more brilliant

shade;--boil slow.

If the extract of bismuth is added to the red liquor of the cochineal in

a small quantity, it will change it to a purple or violet colour.