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To Dye Red

Prepare your dye pot by nearly filling it with soft water; and keep it

at a scalding heat when the dye stuff is put in, as it must not boil, if

it is allowed to boil it becomes dull in colour; put into the dye pot a

handful of finest grape madder, and simmer it slowly over the fire, stir

well, and prepare the hackles or hair in the alum and red tartar liquor;

after having boiled an hour slowly, take out a bunch and look at them

between your eyes and the sun or light to see how they take the dye, if

too pale there must be more madder added, and allow them to remain in

the dye all night, simmer them slowly, next day take them out, rinse and

wash them well, and allow them to dry in the air; mix a table-spoonful

of cochineal with the madder.