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To Dye Greens Of Various Shades

The greatest nicety of all is in finding the exact quantity of

ingredients to put in, so as to prevent the dye stuff from injuring the

fibres of the hackles, &c.; for the light shades add the smallest

quantity, and augment it by degrees. Dye the hackles a very light shade

of blue first, in prepared indigo,[J] as I said before, take a spoonful

and put it into the dye pot and boil it softly for half an hour. Add a

very small quantity of alum and tartar to the dye, put in your hackles,

and boil for a short time; add to the dye a table-spoonful of the best

turmeric, savoy, or green wood, a little of each would do best, boil

slowly for an hour, take out the hackles, rinse them, and you will have

a green: you may have any shade of green by dyeing the blues darker or

lighter, and putting in more yellowing stuff and less blue when light

yellow greens are required, boil gently, and look at the hackles often

to see that they have taken the shade you want.