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To Dye Green Drake Feathers And Fur

Boil your hackles, mohair, or fur, in alum and tartar, a quarter of an

ounce of each; rinse them well, and put them into the dye-pot, with an

ounce of savory, and as much green-wood as the pot will contain; (it is

best to boil off the savory and green-wood first, throw away the wood,

and boil the feathers in the liquor;) boil gently, and look at the

feathers occasionally to see if they are the right shade, these give

the natural shades of yellow green. The quantity of tartar and alum,

and of dye-stuff is given in this dye; and the preceding which will show

what must be used in all shades of colour, according to the quality or

your own taste.