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To Dye Claret

Boil two handfuls of red-wood, or ground Brazil-wood, for an hour, with

a handful of log-wood; then take a table-spoonful of oil of vitriol, and

put it into half a tea cup of cold water; and when the dye-pot is a

little cold, add it to the liquor, stir it, and put it on with the

hackles or hair, and boil it gently for two hours; take out your

material, and put it into cold water; add to the dye it comes out of a

little copperas, and a small quantity of pearlashes, about the size of a

nut of copperas, and a quarter that size of the ashes; put in your

hackles or material again, and when the proper shade is obtained, rinse

and wash well, and finish in urine, which brightens them, and your

colour is good.