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The Wye Monmouth

The Wye, at the town of Monmouth, and up towards Leominster, is an

excellent river for salmon; and the Usk, in the same quarter, is also

good for salmon and fine trout. The latter river is a very short way

from the Wye, and may be conveniently reached from Monmouth to

Abergavenny, close to which town it passes, and enters the mouth of the

Severn at Newport; the Wye falls into it higher up, at Chepstow. The

painted flie
in the plates will be just the sort for the Wye made

smaller, and will suit the Usk admirably, dressed smaller still.

There is a local fly or two which I will give, viz.--Body yellow mohair

bordering on orange, a red ginger cock's hackle long in the fibre rolled

over it, ribbed with plate gold, a red tail, and light brown turkey tail

feather with white tips for the wings. Hook No. 9.

Another fly with the same body, and wings of the bittern's neck, two

feathers should be tied in, and the whole to stand well up.

Another fly, with brown body, brown hackle, brown wings, and tail,

ribbed with gold. The Dun Palmer, in the Plate No. 7, and the Dun

Salmon fly, No. 6, made on smaller size hooks, will be found excellent

ones. Nos. 4, 5, and 10, are also good, the latter for high water. Never

were there better flies seen for the Welsh rivers in general than these,

made to suit the state of the water.