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The Trout Flies For The Season

I will now give a description of those flies which will be found most

killing, as they are imitations of the natural ones that appear in each

month, so that the fly-fisher may practice with them to very great


The numbers of each correspond with the engravings in the plates of the

catalogue of flies.

THE TROUT is a game and sportive fish, and affords much amusement to the

/> fly-fishers, as well as being generally esteemed the best of our

fresh-water fishes for the table. The spawning time of the trout is much

the same as that of the salmon, about October and November, and their

haunts very similar; they fix upon some gravelly bottom to deposit their

spawn, in either river or lake, and are never good when big with roe.

After they have spawned they become lean and wasted, and their beautiful

spots disappear; in this state they retire to the deep and still parts

of the river during the winter months. As soon as the weather becomes

open in February, they begin to leave the deeps and approach the rapid

streams, where they soon obtain vigour for the summer sport. They

delight in sandy and rocky beds and pools, into which sharp and swift

streams run, and under shady banks, behind large stones and in eddies;

in streams where there are sedges and weeds in the spring of the year.

In the summer months they get strange, and haunt the deepest parts of

swift running streams; they are found also at the upper ends of

mill-pools and weirs, under bridges, and in the return of streams where

the water boils in deep places. At the decline of the year they resort

to the tails of streams and deep water.

They are in season from February till the end of September.

These few suggestions may benefit the young angler by giving him an idea

of knowing where to cast his flies for them.