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The Trent

is a good river for greyling fishing, near the town of Newark, on the

Nottingham and Lincoln Railroad. The flies to suit it are small blue

duns, cochybonddus, small black hackles, orange duns, red hackles

without wings, wren hackles, small grouse hackles, ash duns, willow

flies, blue blows, &c.

The well known Lakes and Rivers of Cumberland are excellent for fly

fishing, particularly Ulswater for trout, an
the beautiful Lake

Windermere for a fish called Char. These delicious fish take a fly like

the sea-trout, which they resemble in shape, although much darker in

colour. A small fly made on No. 8 hook, or No. 6, with puce body and

hackle, ribbed with silver, the wings of brown mallard, and a tail the

same feather as the wings; a fly with an orange body, black hackle, and

mallard wings; another with woodcock wings, orange body, and furnace red

hackle; a fly with a bronze peacock harl body, rib of gold, black

hackle, and jay wings, varied with light grey mallard for wings; and my

list of trout flies for the season will be found excellent for the

trout in the lakes and rivers.

Bowness, Patterdale, Poolybridge, and Keswick, are all nice stations,

where men and boats may be had conveniently.