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The River Tweed

I will begin with this large and beautiful salmon river, which runs

rapidly along the borders of England and Scotland, taking a course from

West to East. It flows majestically through a highly picturesque and

cultivated country, washing many good towns on its way to the sea,

where it discharges its valuable waters at Berwick.

The town of Kelso is the best station, as there is good fishing above

and below
t. There is a magnificent spot for a month or more of salmon

fishing at a place called "The Throughs," three miles above the

town,--it is a real picture of a place to the eyes of the fisher. Higher

up is St. Boswell's, and a little higher, Melrose--both charming places.

There is good angling in the Tiviot, at Kelso, in the spring; it runs

into the Tweed on the opposite side. The trout are numerous in it. There

are several capital stations below the town, where the fish take the fly

most freely, which is not the case in most of the rivers of the same

magnitude. The fifteen painted salmon flies will be found excellent

killers in this noble river, and the six large spring flies.

I have killed Grilse, Sea-Trout, and River-Trout with the Winged Larva

at the "Throughs" in August. Easterly winds were prevailing at the time,

and the fish would not stir at any other sort of fly. When the river

runs very low small flies are best.