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The River Shannon

This is the largest and finest Salmon river in Britain. There is not a

river in Norway that can be compared to it for fishing, were it properly

used. The angler must proceed to its banks before he can say,

conscientiously, that he has ever seen a salmon river. In its course it

expands into three large and beautiful lakes, Lough Allen, Lough Ree,

and Lough Derg. There are numerous islands in the latter one, with ruins

religious edifices, &c. This noble river receives many tributaries,

in which there is capital fly fishing, with rapids and falls of water

till it reaches Limerick. It runs a hundred and twenty miles to this

place, and sixty more to the sea. It is on leaving the lakes that it

abounds with many delightful streams--the haunts of large Salmon and

fine Trout. Six miles above Limerick, at Castle Connel, there is a

splendid place for the fly, and Trout fishing is good. The angler will

here behold a scene that will greatly amuse him.

There are other capital casts for Salmon up to Killaloe, where the Pike

and Eels are of an extraordinary size and quality. Lough Derg is close

to this place, in which are caught the "Gillaroe" Trout; they have

gizzards like turkeys, are short and round in the body, very red in the

flesh when cooked, and they have a most delicious flavour.

The best flies for the Shannon are the fifteen painted ones, and the six

large flies for spring. You cannot fail with these beautiful flies.