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The Findhorn

is another fine Salmon river after heavy rains, which swell it to a

prodigious size, as shown by its channel in low water, high ridges of

sand and gravel being thrown up on each side of its banks at every flat

running ford in its course to the sea. The flies to suit it are:--

No. 1. Brown body, gold tinsel, wings copper-coloured mallard, and a

brown grouse hackle. Hook No. 8, and BB.

No. 2.
ody brown floss silk, ribbed with silver, large motley brown

cock's tail feather over the body, and a spotted turkey tail for wings.

No. 9 hook.

No. 3. Body, puce floss silk ribbed with silver, black-red hackle, a

mixed wing of glede, turkey tail, and mallard, with a topping over all,

and a dark claret or purple hackle. Hook No. 9.

No. 4. Light puce body with a hackle of the same colour, topping for

tail, and a gaudily mixed wing, (not too much so) broad silver. No. 8


No. 5. Yellow body, puce hackle, mixed wings, rib of silver, and tail a

topping. Hook No. 9. These, with the painted ones, will do the work to a

nicety in this dashing river.

The River Nairne, in these quarters, is not a bad one for grilse and

salmon fishing in September; the town of Nairne, is the most convenient

station, beginning a few miles up, and proceeding higher; the small

salmon flies that I have given for the Spey will suit this river well.