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The Dee And Don

These rivers run into the sea at Aberdeen, and are excellent for Salmon

and Trout fishing--the Dee for Salmon, and the Don more for Trout, which

are most delicious for the table; they cut as pink as Salmon. The

white-trout fishing is good here in October, and the flies I have just

given for the Tay will kill admirably in these rivers; and for salmon,

will be capital ones, made a size or two larger. When I visited that

country a few years back, I walked up the Dee one evening, and at a

shallow ford, above the bridge, there were two men "stroke-hauling" the

salmon as they run up out of the pool below, and which they called their

rented fishery; they rushed into the stream with a sort of net in their

hands, and had them out in quick time. As the fish run, the water did

not appear to cover their backs. I was told, were it not for this

practice, the river would be swarming.