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Spring Flies

The following fine large flies will be excellent killers in the Shannon,

the Tweed, the Thurso, the Spey, and the Tay, in the spring season. The

bodies to be made small, the wings large.

No. 1. The body is made of sky blue floss silk, ribbed with broad silver

tinsel, tip of silver, and orange tag; a dark blue hackle from the tail

up; two toppings in the tail, a large yellow pig hair or mohair head

eal fur dyed yellow does well), a blue jay round the shoulder;

the wings are a large yellow and a large blue feather of the macaw,

which grows on the back and under the wings of that bird, two orange

macaw feathers an inch shorter on each side of them, two toppings, a

mixture of argus, bustard, scarlet and blue macaw, good size strips of

each. No. 1 hook, full salmon size.

No. 2. The body is made of black floss silk, tipped with silver, tag of

orange, ribbed with broad silver plate up the body, beside which a

claret hackle, and the tail two toppings; the wings are made of a large

red rump spear feather of the golden pheasant in the centre, four large

toppings with a mixture of sprigging at each side of the following:

Argus pheasant tail, bustard, blue and yellow macaw, blue jay at the

shoulder, and a large size head of puce pig hair. Hook No. 1 or 2,

Spring Salmon size.

No. 3. The body is made of black floss silk, ribbed with silver, orange

tag, tip of silver, tail a topping with a little red; the wings are made

of the whole yellow feathers of the macaw which grow under the wings of

the bird, two tipped feathers mixed with bustard, Argus, blue and

scarlet macaw, and a blue head of pig hair or mohair. No. 1 or 2 hook.

No. 4. The body is made of light puce floss silk, ribbed with silver

plate and gold twist, a claret hackle over it, tipped with silver, a

topping for tail, and orange tag; the wings are made of yellow macaw, a

red spear feather, four toppings, a mixture of bustard golden pheasant

tail, kingfisher's each side, and a large blue head of mohair. (It

cannot be too large for the Shannon). No. 1 hook, large Salmon size.

No. 5. The body is made of puce floss, ribbed with broad silver and gold

twist, purple hackle over it, orange tag, tip of silver, and tail a

topping; the wings are made of two body feathers of the yellow macaw,

mixed with blue macaw tail and Argus, two large toppings, and a dark

blue pig hair head. Salmon hook No. 2, spring size.

No. 6. This is another excellent fly. The wings are like the last named

fly; a black floss body, ribbed with silver, and yellow hackle over it;

a large blue head, picked out to hang down like a hackle. No. 3 hook.

This is a fly of "The Ogormans," of Ennis, in the County of Clare, see

his Work on Angling. The two Salmon Flies in the plate, with "picker,"

are described for Killarney.