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Salmon Rivers Of Scotland

We will bid adieu to old Ireland for a season, and its fair city Dublin,

"with the blue sky over it," and step into the steam boat at Kingston

for Holyhead, seat ourselves in a carriage, and trundle off to bonny

Scotland--a country of many waters, stored with fine fish; we cross the

Tweed, at Berwick, of pastoral fame, and dash into "Auld Reekey" with

flying colours in no time.

The beautiful city of Edinb
rgh must not be left without viewing it from

end to end, as it is worth while to spend a day or two in it, if you

have not been there, were it only to inspect its monuments and

antiquities, which are numerous, in fact, the city at large is a

complete curiosity. From here the angler will be able to take rail for

Perth, on the banks of the famous "river Tay;" and as the line touches

on Stirling, should it be convenient, there might be a day or two spent

on the Forth. There are abundance of trout about four miles up the

river, and some salmon; small plain flies suit it best.