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Salmon Flies For The Ness

No. 1. Body half black and yellow, a jay and purple hackle ribbed with

silver, orange head, mallard, peacock wing and jungle cock wings. Hook


No. 2. Body black hair, orange tag, ribbed with gold and silver, black

hackle, jay at the shoulder, wings mixed, of guinea hen, teal, two small

tipped feathers, and two toppings over all a little longer, tail a small

topping, and a bronze head. Hook B or BB. Thi
will be found a great

killer in the Ness and Beauley, a beautiful stream at the head of the

Murray Firth.

No. 3. Body yellow-brown pig hair, ribbed with gold, small, topping for

tail, red cock's hackle and blue jay, wings of golden pheasant tail,

mixed with mallard, neck feather, teal, and guinea hen, green parrot and

macaw feelers, and a black head. Hook No. 9 or B; for low water, C. This

is a capital fly for either the Ness or Beauley. These, with the painted

flies, made small, will suit well.

There is a kind of yellowish slimy weed on the bottom of the Ness which

proceeds from Loch Ness, that is injurious to the propagation of the

salmon of late years, and it affects the fly fishing considerably, to

the great disappointment and vexation of the good anglers of the north.