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Salmon Flies For Fort William

The flies to suit the various waters surrounding Fort William are

generally of a medium size and middling gaudy. The engraved ones in my

list, for Salmon in general, from No. 2 to 11, will kill well. The list

for the season for Trout.

No. 1. Light blue body, rib of silver, guinea hen hackle, blue jay,

topping in tail; wings, teal, mallard, guinea hen rump feather, peacock

wing feather, and blue and yellow
feelers of macaw. No. 9 hook, or BB.

No. 2. A small size fly like the above, varied with black floss body. A

good sort for the Lochy. Hook C or CC.

No. 3. A fly like the first, varied in the body thus: yellow tag, silver

tints, and a small topping for tail; a blue mohair joint, then a red

one, another blue joint, then an orange one under the fly at the

shoulder, and a blue head. Hook No. 9 or BB; a C for lake Trout.

No. 4. A claret fly, with wings and tail like the first one, varied

with yellow-brown body and hackle, and ribbed with gold. BB hook, and CC

for lake Trout, with a bronze head.

No. 5. A fly with grass-green floss silk, ribbed with gold, black-red

hackle, and blue head; the wings and tail like the first. Vary the body

with different greens. Hooks from CC up to No. 9.

No. 6. A black body, with black legs, silver tinsel and cock of the

north rump feathers for the wings; some call it the "copperkeilsey."

Hook C, CC and B. This is the celebrated Kenloch of Kenloch.