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Rivers Of York And Derby

The beautiful streams of these counties are excellent for trout fishing,

and the scenery varied and pleasing throughout. The river Wharf is a

delightful stream in the neighbourhood of Bolton Abbey, a well known

place of "Hofland." See his painting of it, which gives a good idea of

the magnificent scene. Harrowgate, and Harewood Bridge, would be very

convenient stations for the fly fisher to stay at. The greyling are good

here, and the small duns, wren, and grouse hackles, do well; the

Dottrille hackle, and black and red hackle, with yellow waxed silk

bodies, and starling wing, are good; a small fly with peacock body,

black hackle, and starling wing. No. 13 hook, or 12. These flies may be

seen in my list. They will also kill well at Driffield.