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The Perch is a very handsome fish, and is best taken with the worm or

live minnow, the larger size ones take the latter bait well and the

smaller ones take the brandling and red worms best, using a No. 7 or 8

hook, and put on two worms at a time; use a small cork float, and as

many shot on the line as will keep the bait steady about a foot from the

bottom; use fine tackle in clear deep water, and keep as much out of

their view as possible; the Paternoster is an excellent tackle for

taking them, baited with live minnows in rapid waters near the sides of

weirs, roving with a small live minnow, having a shot on the line of

fine gut to keep it in mid water. If you know there are pike in the

place, use fine gymp instead of gut, as these fish are taken in the same