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The Chub is rather a handsome fish when in season, and those caught with

the artificial fly in many parts of the Thames, are very brilliant and

pretty to look at; but, unfortunately, they are full of very small

bones, when cooked the roe is wholesome.

They haunt the deepest pools and rivers under shaded banks overhung with

trees, the sides of weirs, and in ponds where a small spring runs in and

out of the
, with rather a rocky or gravelly bottom. Autumn is the best

season for them, although I have caught them with the fly in the Thames

in summer in good perfection, when fishing for trout. The way to angle

for them would be to use a quill float, with a No. 8 hook, or larger, a

gut line, and some shot about ten inches from the bait to sink the

float, bait the hook with bread paste made red, and made tough in clean

hands, put on a piece of it the size of a nut, throw in gently, and keep

out of sight. Good cheese, well worked to make it tough, is also good.

They will take gentles turned inside out on the hook one over the other,

and when you have a bite strike rather quickly. They will also take

grasshoppers, blue bottles, cadbait, and cockchafers; and with red or

yellow flies, and black and brown palmers in the ordinary way of fishing

for trout.