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It is a very difficult matter to catch Carp with the bait, as they are

most cunning fish to detect at once the deception, and swim away on the

least sight of the rod or the shadow of the fisherman. The Carp haunt

the deep parts of gently running streams, and those caught in rivers are

the best; those that are very numerous in ponds are lean and soft in the

flesh, and rather insipid. The best plan to angle for them would be

with a very fine gut line, a No. 9 hook, baited with a couple of small

red worms or two gentles, thrown into the water where they are, very

cautiously, and keep well out of sight. Let the bait sink a short way

from the surface, and draw it gently towards you, using at the same time

a very long rod, rather stiff. Strike immediately they take the bait,

gently, and play them as you would a trout on the fly.