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To scour worms:--put them in clean damp moss, changing it in two or

three days, place them between two layers of it, and choose those that

are free from knots. The lob worms are found in gardens; brandlings and

red worms are scoured with the lob worm in the same pot covered at top;

those found in old tan yards are the best, and may be used without

scouring. When you use the worms, dip them in cream, which will refresh

heir colour.

The cadis worm or cad bait is excellent for trout fishing, placed on the

hook double, and cast gently with the wind into the stream, or dropped

into the water beneath bushes that grow on the banks of pools where

large fish lie, and are the most likely places. In rivers clearing off

after floods in the summer they do well, and are also good for perch in

deep running water. These cad worms produce many of the flies for the

season after remaining during the cold weather at the bottom rolling

about, and when the spring and summer appear they change into these

beautiful insects; before the change takes place, during the winter,

they form themselves a cover to protect them from the inroads of their

enemies. Their instinct[H] prompts them to incase themselves like a

snail in a piece of hollow reed, open at each end, and covered with

small gravel and little shells, which they attach with a kind of

glutinous substance to resist the force of the water; they creep on the

bottom with six legs, and having their little house on their backs draw

into it at pleasure, and settle amongst the stones like a piece of

rotten branch or stick. The Trout and other fish feed upon them in the

winter, when the winged insects are nowhere to be seen.

Showery windy days are generally best for fly fishing, blowing from the

south, south-west, west, and north; there are but few fish take in east

winds. When the wind blows warm in the beginning of the season it is

good for bait fishing, and in autumn mild days are best. In days when

there is no likelihood of constant rain after clear nights, and a nice

grey cloud covers the sky, with a good cool breeze blowing to ripple the

water, this is the time to rise the large trout, and which afford the

best sport.

"Full nature swarms with one wondrous mass

Of animals, or atoms organized,

Waiting the vital breath, when parent heaven

Shall bid His spirit blow."