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Another Way To Dye Claret

Take a handful of nut galls and bruise them, put them into the crucible

and boil them half an hour, add to the dye a table-spoonful of oil of

vitriol in half a cup of water, put in the hackles and boil two hours;

then add to the liquor a little pearl ashes, and a piece of copperas the

size of a nut, boil gently for two hours or as long as required to suit

the taste of the dyer, rinse and wash them well, the ashes need not be

used in this dye, but if used a very small quantity will suffice.

Another way:--boil red wood powdered for two hours (two handfuls), and

then put the hackles in, boil an hour longer, let the liquor cool, and

put into a tea cup half full of water nearly a table-spoonful of

aqua-fortis and pour it into the dye, stir well occasionally and keep

the hackles down, boil for two hours more and rinse off, finish in a

little urine. If a very dark claret is required lay them in to boil for

a day and night with a scalding heat.