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Categories: Iii Camping

Pure drinking water you _must_ have, it is of _vital_ importance, so be

sure to pitch your camp within near walking distance of a good spring, a

securely covered well, or other supply of pure water.

Henry David Thoreau's method of obtaining clear water from a pond whose

surface was covered with leaves, etc., was to push his pail, without

tipping it in the least, straight down under the water until the top

edge was below the surface several inches, then quickly lift it out; in

doing this the overflow would carry off all leaves and twigs, leaving

the remaining water in the pail clear and good. But you must first be

sure that the pond contains pure water under the floating debris.

Always be cautious about drinking water from rivers, streams, ponds, and

lakes though they may appear ever so clear and tempting, for the purity

is by no means assured, and to drink from these sources may cause

serious illness. Unless you are absolutely sure that water is free from

impurities, _boil it_; then it will be safe to use for drinking and


Next in importance to good water is good fire-wood and woodsy material

for shelters and beds. Bear this in mind when deciding upon the site for

your camp.