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Timing Without a Watch

Categories: Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

You can time it without a watch by counting in this way:

one-and-two-and-three-and-up to the number of seconds required. One-and

is one second.

When the seconds have been counted, press the bulb again and if the

camera has not moved you should have a good negative. No hard-and-fast

rules can be given for this work because conditions vary; you must

rely some on your judgment and learn by experience. It is said that

overexposure is better than underexposure and can be handled better in

developing the films, so when in doubt it is well to allow a little more

time than you think should be necessary. Curious results sometimes come

from underexposed films. I once had a print in outline, like a drawing,

from a negative made in the Rocky Mountains. It did not look in the

least like a photograph, there were no shadows, but it was a good

illustration of the scene.