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The Humming Bird Trap


One of the most ingenious uses to which bird lime is said to have

been applied with success, is in the capture of humming-birds.

The lime in this instance is made simply by chewing a few grains

of wheat in the mouth until a gum is formed. It is said that by

spreading this on the inside opening of the long white lily or

trumpet-creeper blossom, the capture of a humming-bird is almost

certain, and he will never be able t
leave the flower after once

fairly having entered the opening. There can be no doubt but that

this is perfectly practicable, and we recommend it to our readers.

The object in making the bird-lime from wheat consists in the fact

that this is more easily removed from the feathers than the other


We would not wish our readers to infer from this that a humming-bird

might be captured or kept alive, for of all birds, they are the most

fragile and delicate, and would die of fright, if from nothing

else. They are chiefly used for ornamental purposes, and may be

caught in a variety of ways. A few silk nooses hung about the flowers

where the birds are seen to frequent, will sometimes succeed in

ensnaring their tiny forms.

The blow-gun is often used with good success, and the concussion

from a gun loaded simply with powder, and aimed in the direction

of the bird, will often stun it so that it will fall to the ground.

If a strong stream of water be forced upon the little creature, as

it is fluttering from flower to flower, the result is the same,

as the feathers become so wet that it cannot fly.