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Taking the Picture

Categories: Ix On The Trail With Your Camera

As the animal approaches the camera grasp your cord firmly and steady

your nerves to act quickly, and when it is in focus, not before, give a

quick, firm pull to the cord, releasing it immediately, and the thing is

done. Don't become excited at the critical moment and make your shot too

soon or jerk the cord too hard. If a bird is to be taken upon the nest

and the nest is in shadow a short time exposure can be given, or a bulb

exposure. For bulb exposure set the lever that controls the shutter at

_B_ (meaning bulb), and the lever controlling the diaphragm at No. 16.

When the bird has settled upon its nest pull the cord, count three

slowly, and release it. The shutter will remain open as long as the cord

is held taut and will close when released. This method cannot be used

for long time exposures. When you become more practised in the art of

wild-life photography you will know how much time to allow for the

exposures. There will be some failures, of course, but one good

photograph among several will repay you for all your trouble and will

make you keen to try again.