Low Running Blackberry

Among the mountains and hills, down in the valleys, and on the plains;

straggling along roadsides, clinging to fence rails, and sprawling over

rocks, you will find the wild blackberry. There are several varieties,

and blackberries of some kind are common throughout the United States.

The _low running blackberry_ belongs to the dewberry type and bears the

largest and juiciest berries. It is a trailing vine with compound leaves

of from four to seven leaflets which are double-toothed. The berries are

black and glossy and grow in small clusters. They are sweet and pulpy

when thoroughly ripe and the best ones are those which ripen slowly

under the shelter of the leaves.

Blackberries grow on a receptacle or core, but unlike the raspberry,

they do not separate from it. When ripe they drop easily from the calyx

carrying the receptacle with them. The flowers are small and white, and

grow in clusters.