Fly Trap

Take a tumbler, and half-fill it with strong soap suds. Cut a circle

of stiff paper which will exactly fit into the top of the glass.

In the centre of the paper cut a hole half an inch in diameter,

or, better still, a slice of bread may be placed on the glass.

Smear one side of the disc with molasses, and insert it in the

tumbler with this side downward. Swarms of flies soon surround

it, and one by one find their way downward through the hole. Once

below the paper, and their doom is sealed. For a short time the

molasses absorbs their attention, and they, in turn, absorb the


In their efforts to escape, they one by one precipitate themselves

in the soap suds below, where they speedily perish. The tumbler

is soon half-filled with the dead insects, and where a number of

the traps are set in a single room, the apartment is soon ridden

of the pests.