Castoreum Composition

The Barkstone is used both pure and in combination with other

substances, the following prescription being much used: Into the

contents of about ten of the castor bags, mix two ground nutmegs,

thirty or forty cloves, also powdered, one drop essence of peppermint,

and about two thimblefuls of ground cinnamon. Into this stir as

much whisky as will give the whole the consistency of paste, after

which the preparation should be bottled and kept carefully corked.

At the expiration of a few days the odor increases ten-fold in power

and is ready for use. A bottle, if thus prepared, will retain its

strength for nearly a half year, provided it is kept closely corked.

A few drops of either the pure castoreum or the combination spread

upon the bait or in the neighborhood of the trap, as described

under the chapter on the Beaver, will entice that animal from a

great distance.